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Rudra Veena

Madhuvanti Pal

Madhuvanti Pal is an established Multi-Instrumentalist, Painter, Model and a Fashion designer who lives in Kolkata, India.  She was initiated into Indian classical music by Pandit Manas Chakroborty of Kottali Gharana at the age of 12.  The vocal lessons she took from him serves as a strong base for her music till date.

She was latter trained under an accomplished master of Violin, Indradeep Gosh of Maihar for 5 years. As she grew in her career as a violinist, she felt a strong inclination towards Rudraveena and started looking for a Guru.  Since she was not from the musical background, there was no one to guide her properly.  

At the age of 18 she found Pandit Bala chander, Disciple of Ustad Zia Mohi-Ud-Din Dagar and Usatd Zia Farid-ud-din Dagar, who reinvented veena as Chandraveena.  Under his able guidance she learnt the essentials of Dhrupad and Veena.   Pandit Bala Chander was very strict as a Guru and loving as a father.  Unfortunately she couldn’t afford a Veena for herself back then.

In the year 2012, she started learning from the legend, Pandit Manilal Nag of Bishnupur Gharana.  Because of his old age, she was later trained under his able daughter, Vidushi Mita Nag.

Unlike her peers Madhuvanti was given a special training, which involved the intricacies of Bishnupur Rudraveena, Bolbani, Laykaris and rare Ragas, which are the prominent features of Bishnupur Gharana.  

Meanwhile she received talim from Pandit Mrityunjay Mukherjee on Indian flute (Bansuri), making her the only woman Bass Flutist of India.

At the peak of her career as a Musician and a Model, with the encouragement of Vidushi Mita Nag and Pandit Mrityunjay Mukherjee , she got her first veena made in kolkata, which unfortunately was not up to the mark. Tired of struggling with the bad instrument, she decided to set out on a journey to build her own Veena, which took her to Udaipur.

Under the guidance of Pandit Rajshekar Vyas she made her first veena that was made of bamboo.

Later with a lot of research, contemplation and enquiry she built a Rudraveena that is capable of producing quality music, without compromising the conveniences of the player.

Madhuvanti is the only female Rudraveena maker in India

Madhuvanti, also teaches Indian classical music, some of her students are already established as professional musicians.

Madhuvanti Pal is a member of Beenkar Sabha

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