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Rudra Veena

Murali Mohana Gowda

Murali Mohana Gowda is a Rudraveena player (Beenkar), who hails from Bangalore, India.
He has been trained under Gurushiya Parampara by the Dhrupad Legends, Gundecha Brothers, Pandit Asit Kumar Banerjee and Pandit Rajshekar Vyas.
He has performed on various reputed platforms in India and also teaching and spreading this art.

As they say “ Veena chooses its player not the other way around” Murali Mohana Gowda is the true testimony of that. Veena came into his hands through unexplainable circumstances and it’s his respected Gurus Gundecha Brothers, who, not only recognized it and initiated him into playing, but also over a period of years, taught him the subtle nuances of Shrutis( Microtones), The knowledge which is most essential for Veena playing. Later he was trained Under Pandit Asit Kumar Banerjee who is the senior Disciple the Legend Ustad Zia Mohi-Ud-Din Dagar, who taught him the techniques, Structures and the core philosophical elements of Dagarbani . Pandit Rajshekar Vyas who is the only Surviving Disciple of Ustad Zia-Ud-Din Dagar, imparted to him the history and other academic knowledge of Rudraveena and Dhrupad.

Murali Mohana Gowda is a member of Beenkar Sabha

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