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Rudra Veena

Daniel Shurman

"I have studied Dagarbani Dhrupad with Jeff Lewis and Uday Bhawalkar, both students of Z.M.Dagar, whose music inspired me to learn rudra vina.  Given the problems in finding a quality instrument and the small number of teachers, the survival of this sublime tradition is uncertain.  I consider myself extremely fortunate to have two wonderful gurus and hope to contribute to keeping this ancient art alive.  Many thanks go to the Dagar family for their willingness to share their heritage with others."

"I would also like to express appreciation to  The internet has made it possible for the worldwide community of people who love rudra vina to come together and share information as well as passion.  Rudra vina seems to have the power to touch people deeply; it is my hope that this site will give people access to resources and information that may help them answer that call when it comes."

Raga Todi (66 min 44 sec) - Daniel Shurman, KanaiLal Rudra Vina

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