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Rudra Veena

Suvir Misra

Beenkar Suvir Misra is a disciple of the Dhrupad maestro Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar and his disciple Nirmalaya Dey .   He is one of the few distinguished left hand artist who has mastered the three traditional Veenas of Hindustani and Karnatic music- the Rudra Veena, the Saraswati Veena and the Surbahar.   Beenkar Suvir performs on the three Veenas in the 'Gayaki Ang' (Vocal Style) in which all the fluidity and subtle nuances of the human voice are integrated with the traditional Beenkari.

"There are precedents of Golden Rudra veenas which were commissioned in the past in the Raj Darbars by the Raja.   I believe one of them is in the museum at Jaipur.

This is a special Bamboo Veena and has a very sweet sound."

Golden Rudra Veena - Alaap Raga Jaijaiwanti

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