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Veena Mini Documentary

Veena Mini Documentary - youtube
Veena mini documentary

Dear Friends & Veena Lovers,

Here is a pice of my life I want to share with you:  a small documentary about veena making, which has photos of the proces of making the instrument, and details of it when finished.  You can listen to it’s sound also, but I am just a beginer discovering the art of veena playing, if you have interest (only by demand) I'll post some alankars in diferent raags.

This instrument, for me, can be played both traditional style, and Dagarvani.  It’s very sensitive (I can hear the pulse of my heart, when I place the ear on the tumba), but it has also strong and long lasting sound.

Toombas are 56’’ aprx.  And Djavari to Ara 96 cm.

In the recording tuning is F#, but the instrument is giving a great sound from very low to very high pitch.

Hope you enjoy it! ...and thank's to those involved in this project.  As most of you know, this is the first Veena I make, but maybe not the last one.

Blessed to meet you in this path, feel free to contact me if you want to come to see it live.

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